Double Roller

Contemporary quality and style

Double Roller Blind

Fenetra I.V offers an exceptional range of double-roller blinds, having the innovative feature of switching between transparent and opaque strips, giving you complete control over the brightness in your place. Our rich color palette of fabrics ensures a perfect match with your interior decor, while our commitment to high quality and ongoing innovation guarantees solutions that stay ahead of trends.

Flame Retardant

We consistently align with the forefront of interior design trends, seamlessly integrating them to elevate any place elegantly.

Visit us to discover the latest additions to our collection, always aligned with the freshest interior design trends.

Our versatile double-roller blinds from our collection harmoniously adapt to any setting, offering installation options ranging from simple mechanisms to elegant, discreet cassettes and the possibility of integrating modern electric motors. Upgrade your place with this adaptable and stylish solution, selecting the ideal option for you.